Oct 282011
anaheim cricket removal

Having a problem with crickets? Give us a call!

Anaheim residents at times have to deal with cricket problems. Putting up with cricket problems is no fun because crickets can be tricky to locate and remove. Pest Control of Anaheim has a lot experience treating Anaheim crickets. Crickets may also lay eggs in your home leading to a very annoying issue.

Contact Pest Control of Anaheim today at 714-770-8065 to assist you with cricket removal in the Anaheim area!

Crickets can get into your house in a variety of ways. They also stop chirping when they get close to you detecting them, making them hard to locate and kill by yourself.  Also, crickets also can jump around and capturing them is tricky.  As mentioned above crickets will lay eggs, and once you think you have killed one, often times there are more!  Contact us today for help in Anaheim cricket removal.

Jul 182011
anaheim spiders

Not all spiders are harmful but that doesn’t mean you want to have them around. Call us for Anaheim spider removal.

A lot of people are afraid of spiders. However, most spiders are beneficial due to their role eating insects and capturing insects. In most cases, spiders are completely harmless to humans. The only harmful spider that that you can find in Anaheim is the black widow spider.

Usually, poisonous spiders such as the black widow won’t come into homes. When they do come into homes they are found in dark areas such as closets and basements. More commonly, people in Anaheim find black widows in piles of firewood or in sheds. In order to protect yourself, make sure that members of your family always put gloves on when grabbing firewood or reaching into other dark areas. As you probably already know, black widows can be identified by its black body and red hourglass. If you suspect that you have black widows in or around your home or business you should call us at 714-770-8065 or another Anaheim spider control expert immediately.

Call for Anaheim Black Widow Removal and Extermination

No matter if you have harmless or poisonous spiders, we will help you remove and exterminate the spiders so that you don’t want to worry or see any more spiders at all. Pick up the phone and give our Anaheim spider specialists to obtain a quote and schedule your appointment.

We will take time to make sure you feel comfortable in using us before we schedule an appointment.  We believe in taking time to educate our clients and do not believe in high-pressure sales tactics.  Contact us at 714-770-8065 today if you have spiders in Anaheim and for spider treatment and removal!

Jun 292011
anaheim rodents

Don’t risk the deadly diseases that rodents can carry and call our Anaheim rodent exterminators right away!

Having rodents in your home can be a drag. Mice and rats cause damage to your home, as well as transmit diseases and contaminate your food. If they find your electronic cables they will chew through them, causing quite a lot of damage.  Electronic cables if chewed through and short out can potentially cause a fire, causing massive damage.

Mice and rats are also a point of embarrassment to have in your home. Neighbors and friends will make assumptions about your hygienic living conditions. If you want to remove the rodents then you should give our Anaheim rodent control experts a call at 714-770-8065.

Anaheim Rodent Removal Services

Mice and rats are very good at staying in hiding spots that are difficult to get to. Sometimes people will try to capture the rats and mice themselves. However, this can result in wasted time and money.

One of our Anaheim rodent exterminators is going to be able to get rid of your mice and rats without inconveniencing your family. Our Anaheim rodent exterminator will review your home and select the best method of rodent removal. Call 714-770-8065 and we can schedule your appointment.  We will be glad to answer any questions you have and assist you in getting excellent rodent control for home or for your business.

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